Bristle Magic Non Toxic Brush Cleaner

Artists who paint with oils are often exposed to a variety of harmful chemicals on a daily basis. Worst of all are brush cleaning solutions, like turpentine. Although the clear liquid looks harmless enough, it does emit toxic fumes into the studio, which we artists breathe in day in and day out without realizing it.  I am always on the look out for non-toxic paint brush cleaner and was super thrilled to discover a start up company by the name of Bristle Magic. I asked the founder Herman Kron to share how he created Bristle Magic. Make sure to read all the way through for a chance to win a free bottle of this non-toxic brush cleaner. 

Mr. Kron wrote: “In the late 90s I was partner in an art gallery in New Orleans, so I was familiar with the bad studio air issues that were going on in a lot of studios around the city. This is where I met Christina my life partner and the love of my life. Tina is a painter and my inspiration to start this business. In 2004 I moved out to California to pursue a new venture with my brother. Tina followed in 2005 coinciding with Katrina. It was a bit of serendipity and hard work, coupled with an awareness that we had come upon a new discovery. Together with our chemist we were able to develop the formula to what has now become Bristle Magic paintbrush cleaner and re-conditioner.. 

When we first started sharing our product with painters we had no name but we knew this non-toxic product formulated mostly from recycled ingredients had special properties, properties that would benefit many of the artists that we knew. On a trip back to New Orleans I made a visit to my good friend, Colombian born artist Gustavo Duque. Gustavo is a popular oil painter in New Orleans. I gave Gustavo a coffee can filled with the first version of the product. We had no name on the product and we were giving it away. While speaking to Gustavo a couple of months later he told me I may be “saving his life with this stuff”. Gustavo had noted a very pleasant difference in his studio environment since he changed over to Bristle Magic. 

In October of 2010 we decided on Bristle Magic as the name of our product. With great response and encouragement from all the artists who tried it, we were ready to approach our first stores. We got into a couple of local stores in Petaluma,CA. and Sebastopol,CA. and started to branch out. We arrived at one appointment in February and I had a case of the flu so Tina went in to the Riley Street appointment solo. Tina gave her pitch and left 4 bottles for staff and customers to sample. Riley Street called us back stuttering the next day that it was unanimously approved and they wanted to order “what is the name again”. They made a small order for them, but for us it was the biggest order we had ever received. They called back in a week with more excited stuttering about the magic cleaner and quadrupled their order. Again we got a call and this time it was to say they had decided to include us in their Spring Catalog due out in March.Great! …And can you get the artwork to our publisher by Friday. What! Thank goodness my partner Christina is an artist. We bought our first real camera and had our first photo shoot. Since that time with our grass roots approach, we are continuing to spread and grow nationwide and in Europe. In the spring we received a letter from Paris from an excited customer inquiring about Bristle Magic. “

Isn’t it wonderful to learn the story behind the products we use? Thank you Herman for sharing about Bristle Magic. I have a good mix of old and new brushes, many which are in dire need of extra conditioning after each use. When I used Bristle magic I noticed that the extra conditioner to get the bristles back into shape was not necessary. The solution left the brushes not only clean, but soft as well. Best of all there are no strong odors or toxic harmful fumes in my studio coming from brush cleaners, which was incredibly important to me. 

If you like to win a bottle of Magic Bristle non -toxic brush cleaner submit your entry by clicking below and leaving a comment. The winner will be chosen via a random drawing from the blog comments and notified via email. 

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